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Instructions for Using
Etchall Resist Gel to Etch Glass

Etchall Resist Gel is a water-based gel that enables you to create your own unique designs without using a stencil. Etchall Resist Gel forms a protective barrier against Etching Cream or Etchall Dip 'N Etch. This barrier acts as a resist preventing the surface from being etched.

Etchall Resist Gel can be either squeezed directly from the bottle or brushed evenly onto glass. It appears green and opaque when wet, but dries clear. Drying time depends on thickness of application.

Apply Etchall Resist Gel to a clean glass surface using the gel to draw a design. This design will be the un-etched portion of the glass. Use the resist gel to build a barrier around the perimeter of the area to be etched in order to protect the rest of the glass. Let the Etchall Resist Gel dry completely, and apply Etching Cream as directed. Remove the etching cream according to the directions on the bottle, and peel the dry resist gel from the surface while holding the object under running water. Discard the used Etchall Resist Gel and rinse the object again. Your design is ready!

1. Apply resist gel directly out of the bottle onto a clean surface, using the gel to draw a design. This design will be the un-etched portion of the glass.
2. Continue using the Etchall Resist Gel to fill in all areas of the surface you do not want etched.
3. Let the resist gel dry completely. The appearance of the gel will change from an opaque green color to clear. Drying time will depend upon thickness of application.
4. Apply Etching Cream or dip object in Etchall Dip 'N Etch according to the product instructions. Leave cream on for 15 minutes, or let object sit in dip 'n etch for 15 minutes.
5. After time has elapsed, return Etching Cream or Etchall Dip 'N Etch to its original container. Do not allow any etching cream to touch glass you do not want etched, because cream will instantly etch surface.
6. Quickly remove any remaining  or Etchall Dip 'N Etch by rinsing the object under running water.
7. Quickly and carefully, peel resist gel from the surface while holding the object under running water. Discard used resist gel, and rinse the object again. Admire your finished product!

To Use Etchall Resist Gel With Etchall Etching Cream On Curved Surfaces:

Follow directions above, making the following modifications.
1. Build a reservoir to hold Etchall Etching
    Cream in place.
2. Let resist gel dry completely.
3. Pour Etching Cream into the
    reservoir you created in step one. Let
    etching cream sit for 15 minutes.
4. After 15 minutes, return etching cream to
Be extremely careful when returning Etchall Etching Cream to container not to let the cream touch any surface you do not want to etch. You may want to apply a protective coat of resist gel over the surface of the object using a brush.

To Use Etchall Resist Gel With Etchall Dip 'N Etch

1. Follow steps 1 and 2 in the Etchall Resist Gel instructions, then let gel dry.

2. Place weighted object in a plastic container, and fill container with water to the height of the desired etching line.

3. Remove object from water and mark the water level on the outside of the container. Pour out the water and dry both the container and the object.

4. Pour Etchall Dip 'N Etch into container to the line you drew in step 3. Insert weighted object and wait 15 minutes.

5. Remove object from container and rinse under running water. Dry object and admire your finished project.

6. Return Etchall Dip 'N Etch to its original container.

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