Premium Quality Jade Glass Award And Trophy Blanks
With All Bases Included At Low Wholesale Prices!

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Here Are Top Quality Jade Glass Award Blanks At The Lowest Wholesale Prices
We Can Find Anywhere On The Net And They Are All In Stock
For "Same Day" Shipment!


Very Special New Shipment Has Just Arrived!

We have just received a new shipment of Jade Glass Award Blanks and Clear Crystal Glass that are some of the nicest glass pieces we have seen in years and we are selling them at the lowest discount prices ever ever in order to expand our Dealer base and help our current Dealers attract more business. Here is your chance to expand your Glass Etching Business of even start a new business.  All pieces are inspected, hand cleaned and polished by a member of our staff before they are sent out the door to you, ensuring that every piece of jade glass you receive is Premium Quality. 


NEW!  Crystal Ball Awards

6" W x 3-3/8" H x 1/2" T

(NOTE: This is Clear Crystal Glass - Not Jade Glass)

Do you have a sports fan?  This award has a crystal soccer ball (as shown to the left). The base has room for your special message. The Crystal Ball measures 3".   $19.95 

Crystal Baseball and Golf Balls are also available for these NEW Awards.

NEW! Crystal Book

5"x 6-1/2"x 1-1/2"

This beautiful Crystal Book is a vision of a standard bound book. Great for Graduations, Baptism, Employee Recognition, or for anyone in the publishing industry or related fields. For Weddings and Anniversaries, you can have the bride's and groom's names or there wedding verse etched on the front. Order your blank crystal book today!  $39.95

Now Glass Bases Are Included!

All jade glass pieces come complete with jade glass bases.
 UV Glass Glue is used to attach the base to the top half of
the award. We have glass glue on special for $4.95 available

on our Ultra Violet Glue webpage.


Please visit our devoted page for these insignias here.

Bigger View


Military Insignia


Add To Your Award Today!

  Special Price Today



Prestige Summit


8"Hx 7"Wx 3/4"T
Base Included
(Bases Not Attached)*

Special Price Today

 (Sizes May Vary Slightly)*


NEW Award

The Wave

8"Hx 6"Wx 3/4"T
Base Included
(Bases Not Attached)*

   Special Price Today



Gem Cut Octagon

6"Hx 6"Wx 3/4"T

8"Hx 8"Wx 3/4"T

Base Included
(Bases Not Attached)*




NEW Award

Grand Marquee


6-5/8"Hx 3-3/8"Wx 3/4"T
Base Included
(Bases Not Attached)*

   Special Price Today

(Sizes May Vary Slightly)*

Now Available - Sports Medallions

Add to Your Awards Today!


Octahedron Paperweight

6"Hx 6"Wx 3/4"T*

*(Sizes May Vary Slightly)*


Questions: Just call and talk to a live person, Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 4:30 Pacific Standard Time.


**IMPORTANT NOTE: Sizes May Vary And Be Slightly Larger Or Smaller Because 
China Measures Everything In Millimeters And We Convert To Inches.

**NOTE: You Can Easily Attach The Bases With U.V. Glass Glue In Minutes Using The 
Light From Your U.V. Stencil Maker. U.V. Glass Glue Is Also Available.

Regal Diamond Flattop


NEW Award



Bases Included
(Bases Not Attached)*
(Sizes May Vary Slightly)*

Pyramid Triangle



5" x 5"x 3/4" Thick  $12.95

7" x 7" x 3/4"  Thick  $14.95


Bases Included
(Bases Not Attached)*
(Sizes May Vary Slightly)*

Clipped Diamond


4"x 6" x 3/4" Thick  $12.95

 5" X 8" X 3/4" Thick   $22.95


Bases Included
(Bases Not Attached)*
(Sizes May Vary Slightly)*


Royal Diamond


5"x 7"x
3/4" Thick $21.95

6"x 8"x 3/4" Thick $24.95

8"x 10"x 3/4" Thick $29.95

Bases Included
(Bases Not Attached)*
(Sizes May Vary Slightly)*

Standing Plaque

Recognition Plaque

Recognition Plaques

5"x 7"x 3/4" Thick  $19.95

6"x 8"x 3/4" Thick  $21.95


Standing Plaques

7"x 5"x 3/4" Thick  $19.95

8"x 6"x 3/4" Thick  $21.95


Bases Included
(Sizes May Vary Slightly)*





Jade Glass Nameplate Blanks

Nameplates without bases
2"x 6" x 1/2"T Only  -  $4.95  
2"x 8" x 1/2"T Only  -  $5.95  
2"x 8" x 3/4"T Only  -  $7.95  
2"x 10" x 3/4"T Only  -  $9.95  
2-1/2"x 10"x 3/4"T Only - $10.95  
2-1/2"x 12"x 3/4"T Only - $12.95  

Jade Glass Nameplate With 'Slanted Bases'

Nameplates with 'Slanted Bases'.  Bases come non-mounted. You can attach the base yourself easily with some
UV Glass Glue and a UV light.

2" x 8" x 3/4" w/10" Base Only -$16.95  
2-1/2" x 10" x 3/4" w/12" Base Only -$19.95  
Standard Size Military or Sports Insignia
(Please Note Large Size Insignia is Too Big)
Only - $9.95 Add To Your Nameplate Today!

*Make Your Etchings Stand Out Much Brighter!*

Use Rub n' Buff to make your Glass Etchings stand out from the glass like never before. Simply apply it to the etched portions of your glass then rub it off with a paper towel.  It adheres to the etched part of the glass and wipes away easily from the un-etched sections of the glass.  It is Very Easy to apply and the SILVER color looks very much like the actual Etch on the Glass...Only Much Brighter.

Only $5.95 For A Tube That Brightens Hundreds of Marks!



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*NOTE: These stencils are not compatible with any sandblasting technique.

If you own a UV stencil maker and you like glass etching; you might want to take a look at our kits that allow you to make your own custom rubber stamps with artwork you make on your computer.

You Can Also Use These Custom Dura-Film Stencils to Permanently Etch Multi-Tools and Leatherman Tools Quickly and Easily with the Etch-O-Matic Tool Marking Machine.

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