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And Glass Etching Kit

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This Kit Gives You Everything You Need To Permanently Etch Glass with Your Designs
Or Artwork In Minutes Using Reusable Stencils Which Can Be Used Over
50 to 100 Times And There Is Nothing Like This Kit Available Anywhere!

But There Is More Good News!

Your Kit Is Multi-Purpose And Will Do Many More Things Than You Expect:
The Stencils That The Mark 440 Makes For Glass Etching Can Also Be Used For:

(1)  Permanently Etching Anything Made Of Metal Including Tools, Parts, Knives Or Crafts And Lets You Put Your Copy, Designs, Artwork Or Trademarks On Metal In Seconds Using Our Etch-O-Matic Unit Which You Can Find Info. On Below.

(2)  Also The Stencils Can Be Used With Water Based Acrylic Paint And The Included Squeegee To Put Your Same Artwork On Wood, Plastic, Fabric, Tile, Painted Surfaces, Paper, Poster Board, Metal Or Any Surface That Will Accept Paint.

(3)  You Can Also Make Aluminum Labels In Three Colors
(Red, Black And Blue) With Your Exposure Unit.  Check This Out Below.

The Mark 440 U.V. Exposure Unit And Dura-Film Stencils System Is Really A
Multi-Purpose Kit That Can Do Many More Things Then You Expect And
Will Give Your Hours Of Fun And Profit.

Mark 440 Stencil Maker And Glass Etching Kit
Regular Price $199.95 (Save $30.00)
On SPECIAL TODAY For Only $169.95.

Now You Can Make Your Own Custom Stencils With Your
Own Designs Or Artwork And Permanently Etch Glass!
(Also Metal And Paint And Many Other Surfaces).

The Mark 440 Will Make Stencils Up To 4" X 6".*
*(However With The Special Reflector "Add On Kit" It Will Make
 5"x 6" Stencils.)

Mark 440 Stencil Maker And Glass Etching Kit Contents:

1 - Mark 440 Exposure Unit with Cord and   
1 - Special 120 Watt Ultra Violet Bulb.
1 - Glass Pressure Plate.
1 - Exposure Tray, and Rubber Pad.
5 - Sheets Transparency Film (Laser or Ink
1 - 5oz. Bottle Professional 30-Second Glass
     Etching Cream
1 - 2oz. Bottle Activator.
1 - 16oz. Bottle Developer.
2 - Sponges.
1 - Developer Tray.
1 - 3" Special Squeegee.
1 - Electronic Timer.
5 - 4" x 6" Stencils +3 Free Practice Stencils
1 - Rub N' Buff 1/2 oz tube Free
1 - Instruction CD.

Complete Kit Only $169.95
(Save $80.00 Today.)

Regular Price $249.95 (Save $80.00 Today.)
SPECIAL TODAY Complete Kit Only $169.95

*Make Your Etchings Stand Out Much Brighter!*

Use Rub 'n Buff to make your Glass Etchings stand out from the glass like never before. Simply apply it to the etched portions of your glass then rub it off with a paper towel.  It adheres to the etched part of the glass and wipes away easily from the un-etched sections of the glass.  It is Very Easy to apply and the SILVER color looks very much like the actual Etch on the Glass...Only Much Brighter.

Now for a Limited Time a 1/2 oz Tube of Rub 'n Buff is included
in the Mark 440 Stencil Maker - Glass Etching Kit Absolutely Free!

MARK 440 Reflector Add-On Kit To Make 5"x 6" Stencils

On Special

More Info


****NOTE: 440 Glass Etching Stencil Maker is Only Available In 110 Volt Configuration.****
****If You Use 220 Volts You Will Need a Step Down Transformer.****

440 Unit

SPECIAL NOTE: If You Already Have One Of Our Stencil Makers Such As The Mark 440, 560, 680 or Mark 1000 Unit Simply Use The Instructions Above And Use Your Unit As Shown Below?

Photo Keepsake Kits

Complete Kit or Add-On Kit 

Complete Photo Keepsake Kit
    Note: Use this kit if you do NOT have
a "Stencil-Maker"


  • 6 (Six) Assorted Glass Ornaments

  • Electronic Timer

  • Special Ultra-Violet Glass To Film Glue (2 oz. bottle)

  • Special 160 Watt Ultra-Violet Glue Curing Unit

  • 6 (Six) Glossy Photo Paper (4 x 6 size)

  • 6 (Six) Photo Transparency Sheets

  • 2 (Two) Razor Blades (Not Shown)

  • Trade Secret Instructions

    (Regular Price $149.95)
    Today's Special Price $99.95  


NEW Add-On Photo Keepsake Kit
(Use This Kit If You
Have A Stencil Maker)


Photo Keepsake Kit Contents:

  • 6 (Six) Assorted Glass Ornaments

  • Electronic Timer

  • Special Ultra-Violet Glass To Film Glue (1 oz. bottle)

  • 6 (Six) Glossy Photo Paper (4 x 6 size)

  • 6 (Six) Photo Transparency Sheets

  • 2 (Two) Razor Blades (Not Shown)

  • Trade Secret Instructions

  • Free - Sample Set of Stencils
    (Regular Price $79.95)
    Today's Special Price $49.95  


Please Bookmark This Page Before You Explore All Of The Many Things
That The Mark 440 And Dura-Film Stencils Can Do.
It Will Be Much Easier To Return.

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(1)  For Information On Permanently Marking Anything Metal In    Seconds - Click Here

(2)  For Information On Making Aluminum Labels  Click Here


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*NOTE: These stencils are not compatible with any sandblasting technique.

If you own a UV stencil maker and you like glass etching; you might want to take a look at our kits that allow you to make your own custom rubber stamps with artwork you make on your computer.

You Can Also Use These Custom Dura-Film Stencils to Permanently Etch Multi-Tools and Leatherman Tools Quickly and Easily with the Etch-O-Matic Tool Marking Machine.

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